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Lucknow Pin Code in Lucknow

Pin code of Lucknow

As India is a huge country, it is almost impossible to remember the pin code of a particular locality in a particular town or city, village, without a reference. Now with this page, you can locate the Pin Code of Lucknow. Lucknow is located in Lucknow Urban, Lucknow District, Uttar Pradesh. Lucknow pin code also called as Lucknow postal index number, Lucknow zip code or Lucknow postal code. The Lucknow Lucknow Pincode consists of 6 digits in which the last three digits indicate the Lucknow Post Office.


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Details of LucknowUrban , Lucknow Pin Code

Complete details of Lucknow Pincode in Lucknow Urban are available here. Lucknow Post Office is located at Lucknow Urban, Lucknow District, Uttar Pradesh. Pin Code of Lucknow Branch Office is 226001. So, for Lucknow, Lucknow, Lucknow District you need to use this pin code. The nearby areas or post offices also using the same Pincode 226001.  Lucknow Post Office Type is S.O. More details about Lucknow Branch Office are given below.

Post Office: Lucknow
Post Office Type: G.p.o
City: Lucknow
District: Lucknow
State: Uttar Pradesh
Pin Code: 226001
Contact Address: Postmaster, Post Office lucknow, lucknow, lucknow, uttar pradesh, India (IN), Pin Code:-226001 .

9 Post Offices with Same Pin Code 226001 in Lucknow

226001 is not only for Lucknow Post office, it is also allotted to some other nearest areas/post offices. Here is the list of 9 Post offices in Lucknow District having same pin code 226001. To reach any of that post office, find the address and other details by clicking on the link provided in the table.

S.no.Post officeOffice typePincode
1A P SabhaS.O226001
2Canal ColonyS.O226001
3Cpmg CampusS.O226001
4Darul SafaS.O226001
5Gokhley MargS.O226001
6H C BenchS.O226001
7Jawahar BhawanS.O226001
8Lalbagh LucknowS.O226001
9Secretariat LucknowS.O226001

2 Post Offices with Similar Name

There may be several post offices which contain the same word in their names. As per your query we displayed the result showing Lucknow Pincode. But you may be searching for another post office. So, here we provided the list of post offices with a similar name as Secretariat Lucknow.

S.no.Post officeOffice typePincode
1Lucknow ChowkH.O226003

Location of Lucknow, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

lucknow Lucknow  HQ 226001

Lucknow Urban Lucknow Pin Code and Lucknow Post office details displayed on this page. Find all other post offices / Pin codes in Lucknow Urban, Uttar Pradesh along with Pin Code of Lucknow. Post Office Name is different for all Post Offices in India. In Pin Code search engine by selecting State, District, and City you will get the pop-up of all Post Office names in that particular selected area. There you can select the desired post office. For example on selecting Uttar Pradesh state, Lucknow District and Lucknow Urban City you will get the pop-up of all 176 post offices in the Pin Code search engine. There you can select the post office name like Lucknow. Then you will get the Lucknow Pin Code, Lucknow Urban, Lucknow District.

Also below the Pin Code search engine, you can find the table with all those 176 Post Offices along with Post Office type and Pin Code. For that Post Office name, we have provided the link. If you want to check the Lucknow Pin code, click on Lucknow Post Office. On clicking that you can get the Lucknow Lucknow Pin code and whole details of that post office. The whole details include a contact address, location, etc. along with Lucknow Lucknow Pin code. We are also providing other post offices with same pin code and Map location of that particular post office.

We have nearly 1,54,500 Post Offices in the India. Each Post Office has unique Name. It is very difficult to remember all these names. Sometimes we remember the name of the Post Office only. For example, if we remember the post office name i.e. Lucknow Post office. Here you can get Post office address, location and Lucknow pin code of that Post Office by just selecting Post Office Name in the Pin Code search engine. You can also find all details about post office by using Lucknow Lucknow Pin Code. That is, you can get all details about Post Office by using both Post Office Name or Pin Code.

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